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Sitefinity CMS development and support services




Want to have FULL control over your website content?  A Content Management System (CMS) is a framework for allowing users to easily setup, change, and configure websites.  Sitefinity CMS is a leading .NET framework based CMS product from Telerik that allows for the easiest initial setup, control, and development of custom parts.


Do we believe in Sitefinity CMS?  We sure do!  In fact, Desert Quest Software and all of our related product sites are powered with Sitefinity CMS.


Why do we believe in it so much?  We looked long and hard and evaluated every top level product on the market in the .NET CMS category.  The ease of customization and development was a top priority for us as every website generally needs custom developed modules.  We found that Sitefinity CMS was unmatched in this category.  From a content adding/changing perspective, things couldn't be easier.  Once the initial framework for your site is designed and inserted into Sitefinity CMS, YOU have full control over everything from there.  Start plugging in included or custom developed modules wherever you wish, create new pages on the fly, and edit content as much as you want without the need to hire a "website person" to make changes.  No HTML or .NET experience is necessary to use Sitefinity CMS.  Our services include training in the product for whatever functions you need.


Will you rely on us forever after your site is completed in Sitefinity CMS?  Although we certainly will be around to assist you with whatever you might need going forward, our goal is give you your site and a foundation of knowledge with the tool, so you won't need to rely on us for everyday support.  Sitefinity CMS has full documentation on their product website along with wonderful community forums answering any of your questions.  Of course over time when custom development is needed to accomplish something that the tool doesn't support out of the box, we will be more than happy to help with those needs. 


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